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About Dr. Bowman

Dr. Mary-Ann Sontag Bowman, a faculty member in the School of Social Work at the University of Montana, holds a Ph.D. and an MSW from the University of California at Berkeley; she is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Mary-Ann has worked in end-of-life care and grief for over two decades; her interest and passion in this area began following her own experience with loss and grief when her mother died of breast cancer at the age of 45.

Mary-Ann's clinical work includes time as a hospice social worker/bereavement coordinator, developing and implementing a bereavement program at a regional pediatric hospital, providing crisis social work services to pediatric patients and their families, and being part of a team that developed a successful pediatric palliative care service. Mary-Ann's research agenda focuses on grief and loss, parental bereavement, and pediatric palliative care. In addition to her research, Mary-Ann teaches undergraduate and graduate students, and regularly presents in her areas of expertise.

Mary-Ann knows that grief is a reality following the death of anyone we love – two and four-legged family members/friends. Further, she believes that information about grief is essential so that those who are grieving will better understand their dr.bowmanexperiences and know that they are normal (and not going crazy!). Therefore, this website honors the bonds that exist between humans and animals, and reflects expertise and understanding about the experience of loss/grief when those bonds are broken.

Mary-Ann enjoys living in Montana, the outdoors, her family, and training/showing her Bernese Mountain Dogs. She maintains a Blog about life with dogs at www.kaibabbmd.org.