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The Picture Frame

Think of your life as a picture in a frame, and in it are all the things that make up your life – family, friends, work, hobbies, and so on.

When we have a big loss, like the death of an animal we love so much, the grief and the death fill our picture frame. Everything else is covered in the heavy darkness of grief, and we wonder if we will ever see anything else in the picture frame that is our life.

You will. With time, you will find that the space covered by the grief starts to recede and there is room in your frame for other things again – for joy, for work, for friends.

It doesn't happen quickly or all at once, but it DOES happen and soon you notice that only some of your picture frame is still filled with heavy darkness.

Eventually your grief will find its small corner – never leaving because it exists in honor of someone very special – but finding its proper place in your new picture frame of life.